An solution to process employee claims that integrates seamlessly with our payroll module, to provide flexible expense management.

Eliminating the confusion of countless paper forms, your organisation can incorporate claim rules in line with company policy – not only for your employees, but for their dependants too.


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Streamline the expense claims process


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Expense management workflow will reduce administration time and effort

User-friendly reporting to create and schedule reports

Automatically reimburse claims via our payroll management module

User definable payment and approval rules

Unlimited history for viewing and checking claim status at any time


Approval process is streamlined and efficient

Nominated approvers control expense reimbursement

Reimburse via payroll or finance system

Analyse and report using Report Designer

Efficient and streamlined claims administration

This business tool will streamline the expense claim process, allowing approval routines with automatic forwarding. Employee claims can be directed to a specified line manager and if they are on leave or away from the office, workflow will redirect requests to alternative approvers.

When an employee enters many claims, the approver can receive one email to approve multiple claims, reducing administrative time and effort. The module has been designed to allow every claim to be for a different purpose.

It can also be used to automatically reimburse employees via our Payroll Management module, or to pass data into a financial system. All appropriate back-office accounting entries are created automatically and the books are balanced.

Immediate access to all information at any time

Apply security and authentication procedures to control access to forms and associated actions. The e-Claims module allows users to view all current and historical records at any time. The employee can check the status of an outstanding expense claim and associated history, whenever and wherever needed.

User-friendly reporting facilities and accurate data retention are key benefits of the software. The easy-to-use, ad-hoc Report Designer allows even the novice user to create sophisticated reports and schedule these for processing at their convenience.