Staff development and performance improvements are key business growth strategies. You can be sure you always have the information you need for organising and managing entire staff development programmes.

The module can manage who attends a particular learning event, reserve places on courses or seminars and book accommodation, as well as capture course evaluation, attendee history, cost control and budget management.


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Create and define learning events

Manage costs and budgets

Wait list delegates

Capture delegate scores and evaluations

Interface with self-service

Configures to your needs

Workflow driven notifications and approvals


Reviews can incorporate training catalogue

Enables company-wide skills matrices

Links skill attainment and remuneration

Ensures skills align with strategy

Competency Frameworks

Create a collection of skills and competencies and allocate these to courses, job roles and organisation levels. The module will update employee competencies according to business rules, and it will identify when employees require further training. When a skill / competency mismatch is identified, this can be highlighted automatically via reports and displays.

Staff Development and Review

Maintain comprehensive records of staff qualifications, accreditations and learning histories and create personal development plans that can be populated automatically with job profiles. You can use the data to conduct a thorough ‘needs analysis’ and report on requirements by organisation structure.

A gap analysis report and any training required are a function of this very useful process. Competencies and course definitions enable groups of employees to be selected by ‘training need’ and allocated a suitable learning event.